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QUEST @ Catawba County Schools

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Helene Cobb

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Group Leaders- School Age


6-8am & or 2-6pm


  • QUEST Group Leaders independently maintain appropriate supervision of a group of 13-24 children as defined by the NC Child Care regulations and plan and conduct age-appropriate activities.
  • Assist the QUEST Program Coordinator in keeping the program area clean, which includes sweeping, mopping and sanitizing floors, tables and bathrooms; maintaining proper use and storage of school/QUEST equipment.
  • Organize and maintain activity areas, materials and supplies, and equipment needed for daily activities. Keep the QUEST Program Coordinator advised of equipment and materials that need to be replaced or repaired.
    *QUEST Staff may be instructed to work at various sites to meet the needs of our program. Hours are determined by the QUEST Program Services Director based on enrollment.

During the school year, On Optional Teacher Workdays, Required Teacher Workdays & Annual Leave Days (Days that schools are closed to students QUEST is open for Full Days) All QUEST Staff must be available to work anytime between 6am-6pm, Monday through Friday according to the Catawba County Schools calendar. Work hours may fluctuate to meet the needs of enrolled children.
Summer QUEST Assistant Program Coordinators must be available to work anytime between 6am-6pm, Monday through Friday.

Minimum Qualifications

High School Diploma required and must be at least 18 years old.

Pay/Hourly Wage

$12.00 per Hour

How to Apply

  • Go to:,1,2-TjNHiDrYJDhFEl9X3jdLXbcRgLzDXdNHCzv9rvPNahF1ZS4nGYqx9SIwgsgeK4BxG7dUtKugh5m8XjiGRgY8XBAlM3ty8qeRR1j7FJJsTRxmQ,&typo=1

  • In the “KEYWORDS” box type “QUEST”

  • You may scroll through this list to find QUEST positions

We almost always have QUEST Group Leader positions vacant Less often we may also post Assistant Program Coordinator and Program Coordinator Positions -Once you find the specific QUEST position you want to apply for, just click on the “Paper and Pencil” icon beside the job title This opens the application software

  • Click on a green button labeled “Apply”

  • Continue through each section of the application *All areas of the application will not have anything to do with our QUEST positions -You will be asked to list at least the names of 3 professional references along with their email address and phone numbers.

Open Date

December 14, 2020

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