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Helene Cobb

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(828) 466-7052

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Position Available

Group Leader


2pm to 6pm M-F


Group Leaders are assigned a group of elementary school students of a similar age. These Group Leaders are provided with weekly Activity Plans to conduct each week as scheduled by the on-site Program Coordinator. Group Leaders are charged with the responsibility of developing positive and encouraging relationships with the children in their group. Group Leaders must supervise all students assigned to their particular group throughout the afternoon. In addition to on-going supervision throughout the afternoon, Group Leaders must assist children in problem-solving techniques that would be considered age-appropriate for the children in each Group. They must also have a working knowledge of techniques that will help enable children on the Autism Spectrum to move from one activity to the next with kindness, patience, and consistency.

Minimum Qualifications

Must be 18 year old with a high school diploma or GED.

Pay/Hourly Wage

$12.00 per hour

How to Apply

Applicants must apply on the Teacher Match application form. Following is a set of instructions to complete the Teacher Match application. Applicants are encouraged to call the help desk at 855-980-0511 if you experience difficulty completing this form.

Open Date


Additional Notes

QUEST at Catawba Schools operates a QUEST School Age Child Care Program at each of the CCS elementary schools. QUEST will assign you to an elementary school as close to your residence as possible. (There may be times when a Group Leader is needed to work at a different location temporarily. We appreciate the cooperation among each of our Elementary QUEST employees. ) Our goal is to provide the best service possible through teamwork and cooperation.

Please contact us at 828-695-2681 or 828-466-7052.

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