Report Abuse/Neglect

Unfortunately, children are not always in a safe place.  Children may be in danger in their own homes, schools or child care environments.  If you have concerns about a child you can make an anonymous report to the proper authorities.  You may also call The Children’s Resource Center at 828-695-6565 for confidential information on what steps to take.  Any of the links listed below will help you get to the right place to report your concerns. All citizens are morally and legally obligated to make reports in a good faith effort to keep our little ones safe in our community.

  • If you feel a child is in immediate danger, always call 911 to make the report. You may also talk to the police department regarding your immediate concerns.
  • To report a concern regarding a licensed child care program in North Carolina, you may contact the Division of Child Development and Early Education.
  • To make a report to the local Department of Social Services, please call 828-324-9111.  This number may be used day or night.  Anyone can make a report of child abuse or neglect by calling, writing, or visiting the Child Protective Services Unit of the local Department of Social Services.

North Carolina law requires that anyone who suspects that a child is being abused or neglected must report these concerns.  Reports come from many different sources such as family, teachers, friends, child care staff, medical staff, or people just passing by.  You do not have to be able to prove the allegation—just present reasonable grounds for suspicion.  Although it is helpful for the reporter to give their name, it is not a requirement.  The Department of Social Services staff is legally forbidden to give out the reporter’s name unless court ordered to do so.

Websites that may be helpful to you in the area of child abuse and neglect include:

Childrens ResourceReport Abuse/Neglect