Head Start Teacher – Newton Head Start

Child Care Program Name

Newton Head Start (I-CARE, INC)

Contact Person

Ebony Lash

Phone Number


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Position Available

Head Start Teacher


Monday- Friday 7:00 am -3:00pm


  • Responsible for maintaining center compliance (Star Rated License, NC Childcare Rules, Head Start Program Performance Standards and other regulations/ Policies & Procedures) as part of the teaching team
  • Responsible for using I-CARE, Inc.’s standard forms as created and implemented by program department
  • Assist the lead teacher in planning and maintaining a safe, clean, learning environment and in assuring the well-being and safety of the children in his/her care
  • Maintains a cooperative attitude of working together with the teacher, volunteers, parents, and program content managers in planning and implementing activities
  • Assists lead teacher to implement the developmental assessment for each child to determine the child’s strengths and areas in which each child may need assistance
  • Plans with and assists the lead teacher in preparing materials and supplies in advance for activities
  • Assists the lead teacher in maintaining an individual education folder on each child, consisting of developmental assessments, Individual Education Program (IEP), and observations of progress toward meeting goals
  • Shares in the development and implementation of written lesson plans with lead teacher
  • Drives or rides the bus on a rotating basis in the morning/afternoon as assigned by On- Site Administrator to extend learning environment to the bus and assist the bus monitor (only applies if transportation is provided)
  • Responsible for completing Behavior Documentation and referral forms and submitting to OSA and appropriate Manager

Minimum Qualifications

Enrolled in a 2 – year degree program in Early Childhood Education or related field, 2 years’ experience working with pre-school children, North Carolina Early Childhood Credential or Child Development Associate (CDA)

Pay/Hourly Wage


How to Apply

Send Resume to the Human Resource Department


Open Date

February 1, 2024

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